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When God is not on your side - June 7

When God is not on your side - June 7

Jun 07, 2020

Passage: Joshua 5:13-15

Preacher: John Njoroge


THEME FOR JUNE:  A Prayer for All Seasons

How the Lord’s prayer can help us navigate through life and even through the storms.

Join us in this service of worship and be blessed!

Worship. Music. A message from God’s Word.

GUEST PREACHER: John Njoroge serves in the team of the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. A winsome and persuasive speaker and writer based in Kenya, John’s passion is to help clear the fog between the academy and the local church by making the case for the credibility of the gospel of Jesus Christ in a winsome and persuasive manner. John is a dear friend and former colleague of Pastor Arun.

Guest preacher: John Njoroge, RZIM Kenya
Director of Music Ministries: Todd Davis
Four hand piano: Kari McNelis and Todd Davis
Piano and guitar: Ben Sylor and Todd Davis
Solo Anthem: Amy Rynex
Solo Anthem: Jennifer Hughes Beshore
Trio: Sandra, Tiara and Tiana Oberoi
Children’s Talk: Mary Ellen Eyer
Select background photos: Jady Conroy
Video Production: Nihal Andrews
Senior Pastor: Rev. Arun Andrews