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Palm Sunday: Celebrating the Savior

Palm Sunday: Celebrating the Savior

Mar 28, 2021

Passage: Matthew 21:1-11

Preacher: Rev. Arun Andrews

Series: Fearless to Pray

Category: Fearless


THEME FOR MARCH: Fearless to Pray

Join us in this service of worship and be blessed!
Worship. Music. A message from God’s Word.

Clarinet: Elise Sweger, Zach Sweger
Liturgist: Kaylynn S.
Singers: Amy Rynex, Kendall Bankert, Fred Jenkins, Bob Druckenmiller
Children’s Talk: Betsy Miller
Praise Singers: Meredith H., Michelle Loomis
Graphics: Jocelyn MacMinn, Anne Mathews
Director of Media Ministries: Nihal Andrews
Director of Music Ministries: Todd Davis
Senior Pastor: Rev. Arun Andrews