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Hunger-Driven Joy: Where is the one….?

Hunger-Driven Joy: Where is the one….?

Dec 24, 2020

Passage: Matthew 2:1-11

Preacher: Rev. Arun Andrews

Series: A Joy for All Seasons

Category: Your Story for His Glory


A Joy for All Seasons

Join us in this service of worship and be blessed!

Worship. Music. A message from God’s Word.
Preludes : 
Four-Hand Pianist: Todd Davis
Soprano: Sarah Rodgers
Handbell Choir: Todd Davis, Jan Ocamb, Wilma Rockey, Rylee Sorrells,     
                       Jeff Row, Jodi Walters
Youth Singers: Meredith Hetrick, Angel Snyder, Kaylynn Snyder,
                      Rylee Sorrells
Pianist: Andrew Wickenheiser
Soloist: Cindy Durburow
Soloist: Michelle Loomis
Soprano: Amy Rynex

Lighting of Christmas Candle : Dr. Jim, Jody, Doug and Stella Blacksmith
Anthem 1 : Soloist: Bruce Snyder
Liturgist : George Karnes
Anthem 2 : Soloist: Bruce Snyder
Children’s Talk : Nehara Andrews

Postlude : Handbell Choir: Allyn Litzelman, George Karnes, Kathy Karnes,
                                        Wilma Rockey, Jodi Walters, Karen Zeedick

Minister of music ministry : Todd Davis

Video production : Nihal Andrews
Senior Pastor : Rev. Arun Andrews