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Texas and Trinity...Together!

07.13.18 | by Jocelyn MacMinn

Texas and Trinity...Together!

    Have you ever thought, "I wonder what my favorite teacher/leader is doing now?" I’m sure some of those teachers/leaders are thinking, "Whatever became of so and so?" We have such a story here at Trinity.

    Jeannie Barrick was in Dan’s Youth Choir at Christ Church United Methodist in Louisville, Kentucky. She will be bringing her church’s Youth Choir from Lubbock, Texas to Trinity for a time of worship at the 8:15 a.m. service on July 22nd. Music always has a way of taking us places and we’re so happy that Trinity will be one of their destinations!

    A little bit about Jeannie…

    Jeannie Barrick is a native of Louisville, Kentucky, where she grew up in the vibrant music ministry of Christ Church United Methodist. Jeannie brings with her not only a passion for choral music, but a strong understanding of music as a means of ministry and service in the church. Jeannie currently teachers music theory and aural skills at Texas Tech University.

    As a choral singer, she has performed with Austin-based professional ensemble, Conspire, and can be heard on Grammy-nominated recordings available on the Harmonia Mundi label. Jeannie has been a member of the chancel choir for 13 years. She is married to Clint Barrick, the station manager of KTTZ-FM. They have one daughter, Rachel. (taken from https://www.fumc.com/music-staff/2014/10/13/jeannie-barrick)

    We hope you can join us!