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In-Person Worship Survey

09.02.20 | by Shirley Sharpe

In-Person Worship Survey

    Dear Trinity Family,

    We are working towards organizing ourselves to be able to host-in person services while keeping the health and wellbeing of worshippers as our determined priority.  As you might imagine we will have to organize seating for individuals, couples and families - allowing choice of seats probably using an online system for those who use the internet - and a call in-for reservations option for those who don’t. By responding to this survey you will be helping us in our attempt to provide a more personalized seating option for your use.  (When you respond to the question below about the number of seats you would need, kindly remember that you might benefit sitting with your extended family. Here is an example :  if the Andrews family needs 4 seats we might include 2 additional seats for my parents if they were in the country and wishing to attend with us) 


    When we regather at 415 Bridge Street we plan to offer seating options which will uphold our commitments to social distancing norms and health requirements. We plan to provide seating for individuals and families by reservation. We will plan to have only one service on Sundays at 9.30 am.  In view of providing seating options in the Sanctuary, Mt. Olivet Room and Fellowship Hall for in-person worship (whenever we are able to), we would like to seek your response to these questions: 


    Would you be able to join us in person in worship at Trinity? *

    Please note: We will continue to provide online worship experiences - even after we start regathering in person at Trinity.

    On 09.08.20 we received communication from Bishop Jeremiah Park which included this information: First, unless the PA department of Health recommends otherwise for all indoor gatherings, continue to limit room occupancy to 25 people, ensure 6 feet of social distancing space between each person, require masks, provide hand-washing/sanitizing stations and disinfect rooms where people gather.