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Texas and Trinity...Together!

07.13.18 | by Jocelyn MacMinn

    �Have you ever thought, "I wonder what my favorite teacher/leader is doing now?" I’m sure some of those teachers/leaders are thinking, "Whatever became of so and so?" We have such a story here at Trinity. Jeannie Barrick was in...

    Blessed Fourth

    07.04.18 | Family Life | by Rev. Arun Andrews

      Blessed Fourth!Earlier today, i was enjoying a relaxed moment of hand washing dishes at the kitchen sink after enjoying a delectable spread of Indian delicacies at lunch time. During our stay in the city of Kolkata, India, my Mom has been feeding...

      Praying Our Way Forward

      05.23.18 | Current Events

        WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Council of Bishops, in partnership with The Upper Room, is launching Phase 3 of Praying our Way Forward. Phase 1 involved 84 members of the Council of Bishops praying for The United Methodist Church’s way forward for...

        Thankful through trials

        11.26.17 | A Journey to Higher Ground | by Jocelyn MacMinn

          November 26th Guest speaker - Kim Ickler Nichols, “After actively growing up in Trinity and graduating Trinity Youth Group, I went on to attend Messiah College. I graduated Messiah in 2011 with a degree in Youth Ministries. Following graduation I...