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As of 4/7/21

Registration for In-Person Worship Services

Registrations for In-Person Sunday Worship for the 8:15 AM and 10:45 AM services open at 10:00 AM every Monday.  You may also call the church office at 717-774-7146 after 10:00 AM on Monday to reserve your seats.   

Pray & Go

Pray & Go is a small life and community transforming program that is helping Churches across America reach their neighborhood with God’s love. Simple. Non-intrusive. Easy for everyone to do. This program will take you out on the streets and bless lives. CLICK HERE to register or email or call the church office. Registrations open.

Sermon by phone 

Those who don’t use the internet can hear short sermons from Trinity by telephone. Dial 717-774-0108. Please share this information with those who are not using the internet and may be interested in listening.

Drive Through Blessings Bags

We have missed each of you terribly through this pandemic.  We would love to see you briefly, if possible. Would you be willing to drive through Trinity’s parking lot to see some of your friends and collect a special bag of blessings created for you?  Drive-through dates are based on your last name alphabetically. NOTE: If you can’t come on the designated day contact the church office. 

The daily pick-up times will be 12:00 - 2:00 PM and 5:00 -7:00 PM.
A-H: April 19th
I-P: April 20th
Q-Z: April 21st

Thank you to Cathy Baum-coordinator, Shirley Sharpe- for the idea, and to Beth Sider, Dianne Schofield, Betty Caboot, Betsy & Allison Miller, Pat Markel (Friend of Cathy) for putting the bags together.  

Parish Nurse News

With your help, the Senior-Homebound-Ministry Team would like to resume our Mission-Outreach-Meals-Ministry (aka MOMM) If you are called to this ministry or it has stirred your interest in sharing your culinary talent- as you prepare for family meals, place your “extras” in freezer-safe containers and date the contents.  Call Mary Herr or Barbara Zimmerman regarding distribution.  Until delivery, MOMM offerings will be placed into Trinity’s freezer drawer and/or door marked Homebound. Thank You for caring and sharing, Barbara Zimmerman.

Love Boxes 

April 15, May 13, June 17
Drop off between 9 am - 12 pm.
Pick up by appointment only. For more information contact Carol Evertts

Starfish Ministries

Current items needed: Umbrellas, ponchos, tarps, men's belts, puzzle books, and pens. Contact Carol Crossley with any questions.

Project A.S.K. Assisting Students and Kids

As Trinity church has done in the past, we are again collecting food and toiletry items for the needy students of West Shore School District. Please consider bringing items into the church and putting them on the designated table in the hallway. This project provides dignity, anonymity and a basic need to these students PLUS Trinity church is supporting OUR Community with this effort. CLICK HERE for a list of the preferred items. Will you continue to help with this cause? Please contact Cathy Baum @ (717)-774-0907 for further information. Thanks to all who have supported this project.

New Hope Ministry

The West Shore Center-specific volunteer needs are here.
The West Shore Center-specific food pantry needs are here.