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Find a Small Group


for women of all ages

This group of fun, caring women ages from 30’s to 70’s gather together to do bible study and pray together.  They also love getting to know one another and Jesus in a deeper way.  The women meet for 8 to 10 weeks in the fall and in the late winter/spring.   There is a more informal study which meets in homes in the summer.  Several times a year the ladies get together for lunch or an outing to craft shows or teas.   

For more information please contact Jody Blacksmith at



for grandparents or anyone who has a desire to pray for young people

It is a privilege to join with others in praying for the next generation.  Grandparents in Prayer meet two Monday mornings a month.  The purpose of the group is to pray more fervently for the salvation of our grandchildren and the grandchildren of the others in the group.  We encourage and support one another in our Christian walk. 

For more information please contact Beth Sider at



anyone is welcome to attend

We meet every Thursday at 10:30 AM in the Lion and Lamb Room. Time will be spent with inspirational Bible study, music and other activities.

For more information please contact Linda Klitch, Linda Love & Carol Brown.



Slow reading (morning)

Read systematically from book to book

Read one subsection. Less than ten verses. Pray and ask God to speak to you.

Reading 1: Names, places, times and general observations.

Reading 2: Visualize if you can.

Reading 3: Answer the questions: Is there a command to obey? Is there a sin to confess?

Reading 4: Answer the questions: Is there an example to follow? Is there a sin to confess?

Write down your focus verse/word for the day.

Take a blessing break every two hours.

Fast reading (evening) - Example:  Bible in a year