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Fast & Prayer 2021




January 2021 Article     Stuffed Pepper Recipe

Beginning with Ash Wednesday, February 17, 2021
Fast & Prayer using the Daniel Fast

Every year we have special study groups and activities to prepare for Holy Week.  This year, since we cannot gather together for study and prayer, Trinity Church is inviting you to participate in a Lenten Fast. 

Last month I talked with you about the importance Jesus placed on fasting & praying.  CLICK HERE to read the January 2021 article.  

 This month I would like to prepare you for the Lenten Discipline of Fasting & Prayer. 

  1. Pray: Ask God whether He is calling you to pray and fast at this time.  It is important that your motivation is to seek God and grow in your relationship with Him.  If it is, God will help you Fast.  If God is not involved in your FAST then you’ll soon lose interest or you will be fasting for your own agenda.

Now that you’ve agreed with God and are committed to Fasting & Prayer, we need to spend the first 2 weeks in February in preparation for your Fast.

  1. If you have health issues, please contact your doctor and ask him about the Fast.  Explain that you will be eating healthy foods.  Show him a list of foods that you can and cannot eat.  (See last months article).  This is a very healthy diet and should add to your physical wellbeing.  You are still eating regular meals, only now more healthy.
  2. Start to slowly wean yourself from caffeine. If you are heavy into coffee, tea, sodas etc. reduce your quantity each day until you are caffeine free by the 17th.  An abrupt discontinuance of caffeine will cause headaches, this is why you don’t want to stop cold-turkey.
  3. Use these days leading up to Ash Wednesday, February 17 as days of food preparation. Shop for your foods (any God grows is good, see last months article), prepare your meals in advance and freeze.  Cut up vegetable ahead of time for snacks.  The kids will love them. If there are members of your family that are not Fasting.  Prepare and serve your fruits, vegetables (including high protein beans and nuts) and add a meat for those not Fasting.

That’s it!  Now that you’re prepared, you can begin your Fast.  

Let Trinity know you are fasting with us by registering online or calling the Church Office. We, as a Church Staff and our Prayer Partners from the Prayer Wall, will be praying and encouraging you. We may also have a daily devotion for you via your telephone each day. So be sure to give us your telephone number and email when you signup.

P.S. If you would like a copy of “The Ultimate Guide to the DANIEL FAST including 100+ recipes plus 21 Daily Devotions, just call me and let me now. I will be ordering them online.  Pastor Peggy 717-433-1670