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A View with a Story

Streaky white shadows glide through the night

Posted by Amy Anderson on with 1 Comments

This is the Hershey Medical Center lit at about midnight.  It is snowing and light illuminating the building catches the flakes.  I go there to work, others to die and others to emerge joyously into this world.  But, we are all like these white, tenuous wonders.  We are created unique, different from all others yet only a small white streak temporarily lighting up the sky while falling to the ground.

Take heart from the cold, the air and the night.   

For the Lord God is there with you for your beautiful white blaze through the cold, the air and the night.

Tags: air, beautiful, cold, god, night, unique, snowing


Jady Conroy January 26, 2017 10:14am

Nice, Amy! I love your perspective on the frailty and yet beauty of snowflakes, and, of course, life...
How blessed we are to enjoy it!