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A View with a Story

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

Posted by Karen Bowen on

We would like you to meet our furry friend, Mr. (or Mrs.) Squirrel, who sits on our deck railing most mornings as we eat breakfast. Some mornings our friend eats an acorn; most mornings, he appears to sit prayerfully as we bless our food and eat. One afternoon as we were enjoying some time on...

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Tags: god's, hearing, joseph, message, squirrel, studying, word

Spring and Rebirth


Posted by Karen Bowen on

Arriving at home after church on Sunday, we were greeted by this tiny crocus, pushing its way through the snow in our flower bed. Winter is coming to an end; Spring is about to burst into glorious bloom, a time of rebirth. What an amazing reminder of God's love for us, and of His provision for...

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